Order of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales
and its Districts and Councils Overseas

District of Severn

Gower Council No 76

List of Officers

Appointed 23/03/2017

Worshipful Master HA Barnes
Senior Warden J Alward
Junior Warden SCE Harris
Chaplain M Davies
Treasurer KB Feguson
Secretary CML Davies
Director of Ceremonies C RM Coombes
Senior Deacon PE Taylor
Junior Deacon TD Angelow
Assistant Director of Ceremonies DN Smith
Assistant Secretary -
Organist MG Couch
Inner Guard M Lloyd
Tyler WJ Williams

Subscribing Past Masters of the Council
1997 KL Thomas, PGStdB 2009 M Davies, DistGSW
1998 BT Davies PGStB 2010 DN Smith DistGJD
1999 GS Gubb PGJD 2011 CML Davies DistGSwdB
2001 R Slater PGSwdB, DistGPref 2012 PJE Harries PDsitGStB
2003 KB Ferguson PGStdB 2013 RM Coombers DistGStwd
2005 LE Hughes PGStdB 2014 WJ Williams DistGStwd
2007 PJ Tiddy PGIG 2015 AJ Stachan DistGSec
2008 MEG Clarke DistGSwdB
Past Master Members
PR Clements PDistGPref
LC Hughes PGStdB
MG Couch PGStB, DistG Org
B Davies PGIG